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Mobile App Hackathon

Welcome to the SmartDevCon hackathon!


You are free to choose your preferred platform of choice but we encourage you to try the new platforms that were presented in the conference, like Jolla's SailFish OS, Samsung's Tizen, BlackBerry's BB10 or Firefox OS.

The platform of choice will not affect the score of your application, but we think this is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience with these exciting new platforms. There are experts among the organizers who can help you with issues you might encounter on the way.

You can participate in teams of two or alone. The score one-man-show is intended to compensate for the disadvantages of one-man teams.


Here are the scores of the system in the hackathon. You get scores for each achievement that you complete and at the end, all that matters is the sum of these.

Achievement Score
Found the venue and started hacking.
Having a working sample
Created an app that works.
Having a usable UI
Created an app which has a UI that is usable.
Having a good looking UI
Created an app with a well-designed pretty UI.
Innovative idea
Have an idea that is something new and innovative.
Context awareness
Created an app that is context-aware.
Each sensor used
Used a sensor in an app. This can be awarded multiple times.
Each successful checkpoint
Successfully completed a checkpoint. This can be awarded multiple times.
Nice presentation
Presented an app in a nice style.
That extra sauce
Made an impressive app that is special.
Participated as a one-man team.

Main app

The ultimate goal of the hackathon is to complete a main app which is connected to the topic environment. It is good enough if your app is only loosely related to the topic, it does not have to be one of those fuel calc apps. We appreciate original ideas.

You can show off your main app at the end of the hackathon. Everyone will be given the chance to present their app in about 5-10 minutes.

First checkpoint

Create an application that senses the level of ambient sound and turns the device ringtone up or down. If your platform does not support setting the ringtone level programmatically, fake it, we'll understand.

Results of this checkpoint will be checked at the end of the hackathon, along with the main app.


15th of September, 10:00 - 18:00


Bistro w Bibliotece
ul. Francuska 12
40-015 Katowice


Hackathon is open to everyone - you don't need to attend SmartDevCon conference at all. It is for free. Only thing you need is to register and registration coming soon!

What is this hackathon all about?

Your app could be an appropriately themed game, a fuel consumption app, an appliance controlling system, an air pollution monitor or whatever you can think of that is in line with the environmental theme.

Extra points will be awarded to applications that are context aware: use your imagination and harness location data, signal strength, ambient light, sound, proximity, magnetic field, or anything that could give your application a clue about the situation the phone is in, make your app a little bit smarter and earn points. Also, during the evaluation of the submissions, user friendliness and innovative UX will be important deciding factors.

We are also planning a surprise, to make the contest more fast-paced, something closer to a race. We won't tell you more now, so come over to discover it.

Don't have an idea for an app? Come to us and we'll hand you a random one. Have too many? give us your idea and we'll hand it out to somebody who doesn't come up with one.

Here's some examples:

  • A fruit-ninja style game where you have to slash the evil polluting factories, but beware! Don't slash away recklessly, you'll cut the precious trees!
  • A top-view racing game where the goal of the game is not to reach the end faster, but to burn the least of fuel.
  • A fuel consumption monitor which uses the GPS to calculate lt/100km, and if you're fast enough, suggests alternate routes that are more eco-friendly.
  • A driving companion that uses the accelerometer and microphone to evaluate how economical is the driving style in real time, and display relevant info. This would earn you some extra points for context-awareness.

Don't miss out. If you are a developer, UX engineer, artist, be at the 15th of September at to claim your prize!